Toronto Pt 1


Over the long weekend break I visited Toronto, and Canada for the first time. Toronto is a very diverse city, with urban culture, art and design seen everywhere, and what came as a surprise to me; bikes were everywhere.


I saw a lot of new things in terms of bike parking, branding, urban design, bike products, custom bikes – basically a whole lot of new culture. This weekend turned out to be a treat for a ‘bike nerd’ like me.

Toronto seemed to take the idea of needing bike parking, bike shares; anything to do with bikes – and CREATING something out of it. Instead of seeing bikes as a nuisance, they made sculpture, design and appreciated what bikes would add to the cultural city.

Bike Parking

Throughout my weekend in Toronto I saw quite a few ways they dealt with bike parking. It’s important for bike owners to know their bikes are secure, but also for the city to fit as much parking in a small amount of space.

This doesn’t mean that the parking structure needs to be boring.
Here are a few of the ways I saw Toronto deal with bike parking in the city:

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