I realised that I never uploaded my initial proposal – This is where it was back at the start of the semester, and I plan on re-looking at it and updating it in regards to how I have progressed throughout the semester.

The Client and Audience

The client is the Campus Bike Club. It was founded by Andrew Westphal in 2016 as an extension of the University of Michigan Cycling Club; taking the burden of recreational cyclists from the club. As a result it has detached itself from the University, but hopes that in the future the club can liaise with the University.

Campus Bike Club is a platform for members of UMich to share their interests in biking. It provides information, resources and social connections to its members. At the moment it is a sort of isolated club, but Andrew hopes the club will take an active role to promote cycling on campus as well as the wider Ann Arbor community. Furthermore, being able to lobby the university for better biking support and integration on campus is one of its long term goals.

The Campus Bike Club would like a new logo, as well as website, and any other analogue and digital promotional material. Currently the club is not well known on campus – it has a UMich Maize page, but no website or social media accounts for people to look up and interact with. By creating a logo that blends the UMich aspect with the community, the CBC will appeal to the University as well as the community.

Project Goals

Key words that describe the Campus Bike Club are social, recreational, and university liaison. The club wants to expand its membership, and cement itself in the community as a viable club to join. Since the club is aimed towards students, the new branding should appeal to them but keep a professional aspect to it. As a cyclist myself, I feel that I am in a knowledgeable position in regards to what works with branding, and what bicyclists look for and want when participating in a club environment.

What I propose

A lot of bike club logos have an urban/hip feel to them. While I still want to keep in touch with this, I don’t want the new logo to look just like every other ‘hipster’ branding we see these days. Therefore, I want to explore key signs and symbols seen in the cycling world, and use these within the core values of the Campus Bike Club.

I need to do thorough research on current cycle and bicycle club visual identities and how they advertise themselves. As Andrew is open to ideas, I need to make sure that I’ve understood what the Campus Bike Club is really about in its core; only then will I be able to create a visual identity that interprets this into design.

The website, products, and advertising will all need to co-operate in terms of brand unity and information dispersal. As well as a new logo, a website will be created, and concept ideas of how the visual identity can be incorporated into social media accounts. Spoke cards will be made to further promote the club in the community, and posters/handout designs will be made to give out around campus.


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